Send me some photos when you are done, sounds like it is going to look great. I’m also limited in my physical ability so doing it twice has no appeal to me. but I would like to refresh them. In the section below, we present the 401 on how to remove paint stains from laminate wood floors. It was a lot of work, but it is truly amazing how much better it looks, and how much calmer and happier my room makes me now! So, i want to fix these floors as soon as posssible without breaking the bank. Hi Todd! I know that you are in a bit of a predicament but yeah, don’t do it. Hi Marie! Hi Paula! You are correct, I am not sure why they said that, maybe it has something to do with their specific range? Thanks so much for your help! A newly painted floor can add stylish panache and a sparkling new look to any room. They are discolored and look horrible. These are super hard to remove and usually requires taking some finish off from your flooring while cleaning. Looking forward to your reply. It must be a latex paint remover, as any other type of solvent won’t get the job done. You said in your article that it would be cheaper to paint old wooden floors. (!?) Or will the oil based paint be tough enough? My name is Marie. Comments are usually answered within 48 hours, looking forward to hearing from you. Click for details on how to paint a wood floor. So glad to have found your article! They have never been finished. Enamel latex paint will coat your plywood floor to protect it and will last longer than semi-gloss or glossy paint. Thanks so much. Your article was well written and very informative. The primed wooden floors must dry for at least three hours before they are ready for epoxy paint. But definitely got ALL that lifting finish off the floor, otherwise it will ruin the paint job. I have known some who have left a cloth soaked with wood bleach on the area for a few hours and it worked well enough to soften the color enough to make it mostly disappear after stain and seal, but I don’t recommend heavy handed use unless you’ve got some experience, just be judicious with the strength of the wood bleach and how long you leave it to work. Remember, sanding is a messy time-consuming process that doesn’t always provide the desired aesthetic results, and should therefore be avoided wherever possible. How to Remove Paint From a Laminate Wood Floor. Your plan sounds good! How to Paint a Plywood Floor. . I’m thinking I would have to perhaps completely sand back that new varnish and scuff the rest, then coat with oil based paint? This will help to dissolve tough latex paint stains. downstairs i have worked w darker stain, but it is not helping. I have a small house that was badly damaged when Hurricane Hermine hit our area (a river location but close to the Gulf) The house is old and sits close to the ground I’ve had plywood put on the floors planning to install vinyl or some type of flooring but in consideration of cost, I’m thinking of painting the plywood and using that until my bank account recovers. Do I HAVE to sand them first? I appreciate it and I am sure that the community will as well! Waxing a floor finish can also void your finishing warranty (if you have one). They are yellow pine, 6″ boards and in good condition. Will send photos after, if you like, but I do want this to last for another 30 years so need your best advice. Hi Debbie, if the hard wood still has its old finish and there is no bare wood exposed (from damage, etc. Use the cloth to thoroughly wipe the wood floor surface. Great article Bill! This can be broken into three easy steps (each outlined later in more details). First of all, great article! G. There are a lot of reasons for this. Hi Bill! I suggest that you a very light sand in the areas that you want those black checkered squares. Durable and weather-resistant, this enamel lasts for years in exterior applications. The area of the floor: If you have large rooms, the simple truth is that you will need more paint to cover them sufficiently. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to piece together information on how to re-paint old wood floors, but you did an excellent and very thorough job educating me on the process all in one article. Floor & Patio Latex Enamels. The selection of paint includes latex floor paint, featuring benefits such as resistance to yellowing and increased durability. lol Wish me luck! I usually just use my vacuum to suck it up but a brush and pan work fine as well. Hi Amanda! I was hoping that painting would be cheaper and faster. I am considering buying Valspar floor paint for my wooden deck which had previously been painted with Behr latex floor paint. Especially if your floors are already pretty crappy and you aren’t in a position to replace them. It is a major job to undo this but it is possible. You can often remove latex paint from a laminate floor by scraping it with a plastic scraper. First, prepare a small area of the wood floor (in the corner or under a couch). but yeah, costing is fairly close. The following two tabs change content below. Yes, you will need to rough it up, but not completely remove the previous layer. We had these “buffed and coated” a couple years ago (light sanding + polyurethane) and within 6 months, some of the polyurethane coating began to bubble and if you scratch it lightly with a fingernail, it will flake off. I’m painting old oak floors and I have tried to do everything by the book…sanding from 150 to 250 two coats of SW paint and primer (not by the book) 24 to 72 hours dry time,sand between coats vacuum and removed all dust then 3 coat oil fast dry poly for floors same dry time 24-72 and 250 sand paper…the finish is pretty but the satin dried like a Matt after a day or so and the semi gloss dried like a satin…talked to two paint stores and they thought it might be moisture in the paint (or air) that with the quick dry oil floor poly dries too fast to let the moisture evaporate. They are in descent shape but does need some prepping with sanding. In the section below, we present the 401 on how to remove paint stains from laminate wood floors. Many thanks for any advice! Do paints come with primer in them already? Select whatever color you prefer, but make sure you select enamel latex paint for your plywood floor. You can also paint the moldings if that was part of the original plan (or some floor paint leaked onto them). Shop porch & floor paint and a variety of paint products online at I would prefer to not deal with that again. 9 Best Paint for Wooden Porch Floor- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 1. I can’t begin to tell you how many articles I’ve read about painting worn out hardwood floors, but yours is definitely the first one that made complete sense to me. How to Get Acrylic Paint Off Concrete What is, Remove Alternatively, you can remove splattered latex paint off your wood floor … Shop Porch & Floor Paint online at and get Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Hi Bill, I just painted my floor inside a commercial space. I have some old Cyprus Pine floorboards throughout my old house. It’s a pleasure! the entire house needed to be gutted of everything! However, my recommendation is that you go with a harder wood. Hi Karen, it might be a little soft for flooring, but yes, with a good sand, primer, paint and finish, it will look good and work. Your comment caught my eye because I was considering filling all of the scratches and gashes with wood putty and then painting, like you. Will the plywood accept the paint or will it be absorbed? Hope that helps! I am renovating so it’s all a bit if a mish-mash… Mostly they are covered in old oil based varnish, but there are a few rooms with almost none left on them (these were hidden under tiles and not re-done when the rest were), some bare boards that I installed after removing a wall, and one room with brand new boards that I covered with water based Feast Watson liming floor white. we have been struggling with our cement floors that has been painted. Thank you in advance for your expert advice. Thanks! SORRY so long and if you cant help w ideas its ok- going to check out your reccomendation for floors on pinterest. Then seal it with polyurethane, unless that is already in the paint. Specialist Paint Spray Paint All Purpose Paints Metal Care Furniture Paint Craft & Hobby Paint Floor Paint Tile Paint Damp & Stain Block Primers Woodcare Fencecare Garden Colour Deck Care Wood Preservers Exterior Woodstain Clear Varnish Coloured Varnish Floor Varnish Garden Furniture Care Wood Dyes Maybe that’s the issue you’re seeing with your floors. I followed these steps and have painted my stairs today, a dark black oil-based enamel. It is as easy as applying another coat to the new planks, and if the current stain is intact, you shouldn’t need to sand. Could you help me win her over, by giving me a cost difference in painting rather then refurbishing. I have stained the steps what is the best thing to apply on them, that will keep them from beening scratch? Let’s follow the steps below: Unbox the eraser Utilize a plastic scrapper to get off as much paint as you can off the floor. The existing floor is from around 1890 and has at least two layers of various paint colors. Ronseal’s Diamond Hard technology is praised by experts and homeowners alike. I have tried to paint the floors in my bedroom with a floor paint as the previous tenants painted the floors with a dark cranberry colour. You can try sanding the area minimally, then cleaning with oxalic acid or wood bleach. If your paint is high quality, this might not be necessary but this is usually up to your own discretion. Home Tested with free product. I pulled up the (scary) old carpets to reveal pretty good and clean pine floorboards. There is a vague darker boarder in each room where the the floors would have once upon a time have been lacquered around the carpet. I have a big fear of the paint scratching off easily once I’m done and also a fear of it staying “tacky” for weeks. Thanks for your article. He spent the day pushing the paint that was in the crevices between the boards down into the void underneath, or compressing it back, at least, and, of course, some of it came out altogether. This can be achieved by following the steps below: If you’ve got dried up latex paint spots on your hardwood floor following a wall repainting project, you can remove them using solvent. Make sure your floor hasn’t been waxed before painting, and remove the wax if it has. We took up carpeting in our master bedroom. The floor varnish, wax and oil range at B&Q will help protect your floors and keep them shining for longer. Let me know how it works out for you and thanks for the kind words! Sand first to rough up polyurethane finish (that I put on over 10 years ago) I will primer with Zinns and then 2 coats of paint. It provides excellent adhesion that prevents any paint from “leaking” under it. Again, thank you for the great article! 98 ($7.25/l) DRYLOK® Latex Concrete Floor Paint It's scientifically formulated to protect and decorate interior and exterior masonry floors in homes as well as commercial and industrial spaces. Thanks, Sharon. I’d appreciate any helpful information if you have any. floors have a light white film- husband says its fine- but i think i shdve washed w denatured alcohol between- maybe i will redo the 4 bedrooms w stain or paint. That will ensure that its a quality product (generally speaking) and it will come out perfectly. Cheers! However, provided that there is no gloss or finishing product on the latex painted floors, you can paint directly over it. Not saying you need to get to bare wood, but you cannot just paint over it. thanks for reading this. How to Use Latex Paint on a Wood Porch. It's not good for parking lots or garage floors, therefore it shouldn't be used on wooden floors? After doing this, you can get someone (or you can do it) to refinish the wood and that will result in that natural wood look. Hi Beverly! Doing LOTS of research before I do anything tho. Thanks for your kind words. A new spill of latex paint is easiest to clean off, so if this is your problem, then you should be able to overcome it in a matter of minutes. It has, of course, not been stained before so just making sure that all I need to do is sand the whole floor. Bill,thank you so very much for your very informative instructions! Just make sure that you match the type of finish to the latex paint you used. This article was fantastic. Have a good one! i have been working to fix this for over a year and need to get it rented or sold asap. Hope that helps. Hi Allison! However, you shouldn’t never paint directly onto a glossy finish as this usually comes out looking bad. While most painters tape will work, I recommend using “frog tape”, if it’s available locally. Sand your hardwood floor boards until they’re uniform, starting with a 60-grit paper followed by an 80-grit and a 120-grit paper. Apply the paint solution in the direction of the grain with a paintbrush or lint free cloth. If the paint spots are too hard, you are going to need a hammer as well. Thanks again , Hi Katey! If the surface is uneven, you also want to smooth it out. If you are feeling creative, you can add checkered designs and other patterns on your top coat of paint. I’m feeling confident to repaint my floors now that I have all the information that I need. Continue this process until you are pleased with the finish. With excellent resistance to scuffing, scraping, flaking, chalking, fading and yellowing, it can be used in areas … Bare wood surfaces are ill-suited for paint adhesion. My question is, I guess I’m a little confused……we want to paint our kitchen hardwood floors….heavy traffic area. However, if you don’t go down to the wood, you don’t need a primer. Use a paint brush to cut the edges of the floor with paint. I have some on an enclosed patio that need to be updated. all plumbing, bathrooms etc. Do you have a particular brand that you recomend? Do you have any suggestions? I recently painted my kitchen and living room floors with Behr porch and floor paint. Ek? I painted my floor with latex porch and patio paint in a diamond pattern. I’ve gathered a lot of good info. $43.16 Buy Now. After all, they often cost a fortune and the thought of painting them can make most people nervous, especially if you mess it up. Although most floor coatings (varnish, etc.) Apply some of the solvent to a rag, then use the rag to scrub the paint and leave the hardwood floor surface as is for a while. Durable and weather-resistant, this enamel lasts for years in exterior applications. The coverage is great and I like the color. Will this ruin it for future tile? All the ones I’ve seen online to rent have all said that they are made for 20 to 80 grits. Latex paint is typically used for painting larger areas. I am happy to see wear and tear, but think it would look better on a painted surface. Older, cracked, or Usually, this is around 24 – 48 hours, depending on the brand and a couple environmental factors. It is possible that the existing stained floor had a couple coats, very common. Use traditional latex paint on seldom-used furnishings. Also, after white washing or painting, can you apply a varnish to the floor? it will be high traffic as it is the living,dining and kitchen areas. Paint Doesn’t Always Age Well. ), then you don’t need to use a primer. Hi Bill, Thanks for the tips. Do I have to strip the old paint color off first? My h easier to read than others I’ve looked at. The sky is the limit. Are there even 150 grit sand papers made for the drum floor sanders? It can withstand regular foot traffic without fading. Hi Denise, yes you can. What is polyurethane? Thanks in advance!! Any recommendations on type of paint to use? If you have the correct equipment, it should blast through the paint without any issue. The color is a light gray and I understand if I went to a beige then it probably wouldn’t show the dirt as well. Whats people lookup in this blog: Cleaning Latex Paint Off Wood Floors; Cleaning Latex Paint Off Hardwood Floors But, don’t despair! I have never painted hardwood floors but absolutely love the ones I have seen in magazines, Internet,etc. Also not much traffic. This will add an additional cost to the project but its usually worth it, especially considering that the alternative would be to repaint the entire floor. Gently Please! Alternatively, you can remove splattered latex paint off your wood floor by using denatured alcohol and following the steps shown below: Apply some denatured alcohol to a piece of old cloth. High heat minimizes the adhesion of oil-based paint to wood surfaces. Because stain soaks into the wood’s surface, it wears gradually with … Find porch & floor paint at Lowe's today. Like others, I am in a dilemma w/my floors. Because stain soaks into the wood’s surface, it wears gradually with relatively little color change. While the color choice is completely up to you, check out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors for some ideas. Hi Maggie! As for the sealants, check out the Winmax range (they have a website). I painted my Wood floors about a year ago. In that case, go with another brand, as what you have researched is right. KILZ Latex Garage Floor Paint. If you are going to try this yourself, you will need the following tools and supplies for your painted wood floors: Please don’t rush this step, it could mean the difference between a successfully painted floor and a botched one. Why would the new planks have not held on to the stain? I had to patch extensively because there were huge gaps between most of the boards, large holes under and around the radiator and there were a ton of gouges down to the bare wood. I have used wood putty to fill any inconsistencies. This chemical adds strength and is great for slightly humid environments. Bonus of this is that although you will need to prep the surface (more sanding), you won’t need to sand down to bare wood. It is good to know that painting wood floors can help you to revive old and worn floors. Any thoughts or ideas you could give me would be much appreciated. Make sure that you clean up properly again otherwise your paint will end up containing dirt and other debris. Stained wood floors stay looking good for 10 years or longer. Next project is to paint the radiator now that it’s summer, and maybe paint one of the walls! Update: I have just finished writing an article about refinishing hardwood floors, check it out as another valid option to bring your older floors back to life. Prime bare, new wood with Valspar® Exterior Latex Primer (165219). This will soften the paint. Also sorry for the delayed response, I have been off sick. Using floor stripper on painted wood floors removing a couple how to remove paint from hardwood floors home howto how to clean latex paint off hardwood floors housekeeping tips how to get paint off of hardwood floors you. Good luck! Hope that helps! A light sand is fine, provided you give the next layer enough to “grip” to the floor and definitely go for a water-based paint. Apply a sealer after the whitewash is dry. I want a light color with a low sheen for a cottage look. Hey Bill this article has been great. here, so thought I’d contribute by sharing a couple of things I’ve learned over the years rehabbing a few old places. Yes, I know that’s not the ‘go to’ method and all logic says it’s wrong. Therefore, it is possible to complete a painting job with latex paint in one day. You can then apply rubbing alcohol and then use a plastic scraper to remove the now-loosely attached paint layer off your hardwood floor. I want a deep tone brown that won’t look whimsical. These can be bought or rented. A premium quality, quick-drying latex floor enamel with great colour and gloss retention that can be used for interior or exterior surfaces. Take a I have to have this condo ready to move into in 1 month. I’ve tried new poly and a dehumidifier, one room the paint dried for 6 month in the winter…still same result with the poly sitch…any thoughts. Resistant to knocks, scuffs & spills and with quick drying times from just 30 minutes. This product is durable and resists yellowing. Hi Drew! If it has a finish, you will need to LIGHTLY sand it, then apply the flooring paint (make sure its a quality brand and specifically for floors). Thanks for your kind words! Although I could be wrong (so many products that cover both aspects nowadays), I suggest getting a second opinion. Before epoxy paint will adhere to a wood floor, it must be coated with an acrylic latex primer. However, due to affordable local contractors in the U.S, sometimes it’s not worth the time and effort so don’t forget that Pro Floor Tips can help you request a free quote if you prefer to go that route. Yes, but if there is any bare wood exposed, don’t forget to add a primer first. Bill, such great replies a feedback. Paint Doesn’t Always Age Well. The regular colors of wood don’t match the theme I’m going for. Thanks again for your article. Thanks for the kind words! Two weeks does sound a little excessive, but I suppose it will depend on things like humidity and how long it takes to dry. Utilization. Have you had experience with painted plywood ? Of course, if the U.S state prohibits the use of it (due to high VOC emissions), then I will use the second option. Rated 5 out of 5 by r_w_thompson from Great coverage with 2 coats My old porch was peeling pretty badly after only 7 years. Just make sure that the company that you use is trustworthy, and installs a decent underlayment . Honestly, I am sorry to say but refinishing and painting them usually works out to be around the same price. Hope that helps, please share my blog on social media if you appreciated my help . Thanks again, Bill. Hi Hanna! Another thought I’d pass along is that, when I was 16 or 17 working on a carpentry crew, we had a job refinishing the painted floors of an 1870 farmhouse. When we had our house built, we had unfinished pine flooring placed in a bedroom to be used by our grandchildren. Don’t want to sell it either! If I do as the article suggests and prime with an oil based primer (prob original Kilz) and then paint with an oil based wood paint would I need to put a poly coat over it? Yes, it is possible to remove the paint but it is going to take quite a bit of time and effort on your part. Hope that helps! If your floors are bone dry, I see no reason to wait two weeks, just because someone says that you should. Hi Karen! Choose enamel latex paint for the best protection. I am also very happy that it looks better, and that I could help you, even if it was in a small way. If you live in an older home with the characteristic wide, painted hardwood floor boards, you might need to refinish the floor every few years just to spruce it back up to its original aesthetic. Hi Allison, I’m getting ready to turn a 40′ shipping container into a tiny home and have been researching what to do with the floors. RE the one that you are using, I don’t have any experience with that brand, but ask at your local shops, they can advise you based on what is available in your area . Hi Christina! It is a pleasure! Hello—one of the best explanations out there. Sico - Latex Floor Paint - Interior/Exterior - 899 ml - Satin Finish - Medium Grey. I believe this was due to the primer on the pre-primed I had linoleum in my kitchen which my contractor ripped up, then inserted wood planks to form a continuous floor extending from my living room, where I already had wood flooring, into the adjacent kitchen. Though scratches are showing and it’s looking a little worn, I like the reddish brown color and would like to paint large (18-ish”) black checkered squares. Could this possibly be true? Home Tested with free product. I have a question for you once. Browse our vast range of colour options and find the perfect shade for your floor. Just not sure how to go about it all. Protect and Beautify Your Floors. I would love to refinish to original hardwood floor, but the floors are so badly stained (I’m guessing) from animals. like blending paint? Thanks for reading this article and if you appreciated my time and effort, please consider sharing it with your friends, family, and co-workers. just on the bad spots? Hi Anna! The final color will be very very light almost white. Thanks for your kind words I havn’t used that (not saying it is a bad product though), just choose a quality product that is specifically used for hard woods. Thank you very much for any comments!! Mix white paint with water; 1 part white paint to 1 part water. I suspect this is from the heat generated from sanding, but has been unavoidable thus far. If the entire floor has been sanded to bare wood then yes, you will prime the entire floor. I know your article is about painting wood floors but I was wondering if you happen to know of a way to remove paint from wood floors, so I can restore the floors to their former glory? If you choose to give a second coat of paint, continue exactly as the first coat. Our kitchen has wood pergola flooring about 10 years old. The high white paint was sanded down, but then the old timer on our crew came in with a tool that had a small ‘t” shape on one end of an 8 or 9 inch piece of steel. I emailed Minwax’s help page and they said that they do not make a product to top coat over paint, only over stain. Apply a few drops of dish soap to a wet towel and then use the towel to rub the dried-up paint stains. I want to paint the floor a darker color. To refresh your memory I had the painted floors that the satin poly went Matt and the semi gloss went satin…everyone I talk to in Ohio said it might be due to moisture being trapped in the finish. Question – our house was built in 1878, original wood floors in some rooms. When you are applying oil based wood paint, just ensure that you have plenty ventilation, wear a fume mask and let it dry sufficiently. Hi Bill, Excellent Article and continuing responses, obviously helpful as the thread continues into late 2017! Any recommendations for a simpler way??? I didn’t know that certain hardwood floors could be painted! To properly remove old paint off your hardwood floor by sanding, follow the steps below: Paint removal by sanding should only be reserved for restoration projects on older homes with hardwood floors that have thick layers of paint. Hey Bill, just read your excellent article. We finally “found” the old wood floors in every room I borrowed a floor sander and went to work- learning as i go. Thank you for any advice you can give me. Acrylic Latex Interior/Exterior Floor and Concrete Paint provides a durable, skid-resistant finish for concrete and asphalt. You can also subscribe without commenting. There is no getting around that? Hi Bill! Hi Jo-anne, the primer is not necessary, unless bare wood is exposed. One area with putty ( termites long gone but one board still presents slight damage ) white... On your description of the existing stained floor had a question that Lowe ’ a. And want to paint directly onto a glossy finish as this usually comes out looking bad horror- so paint. Paint seemed to strengthen them repeat step 1 on the bottle beforehand will turn out great dry to. Stained wood floors aren ’ t necessary to put the polyurethane no exposed wood, but sure! With fewer coats be fine good luck, let ’ s say hemlock or red oak so that might the... Grain depression, unless bare wood exposed ( from damage, etc. some time some... Seen the result by experts and homeowners alike you first fill those holes and then it! Master BR and living room have bamboo flooring been worked, move the... My plan was to sand, prime the entire latex wood floor paint properly different reflective quality defined by the far most. Raw wood with Valspar® exterior latex primer article is that a matt might. Any helpful information if you go through the provided links ©2021, all Rights Reserved very tough to it. Select whatever color you prefer, but also give the wood is exposed now what! Patio latex floor enamel is a major job to undo this but it will out. Design ) the knowledge ) to get your thoughts on dry brushing old. Okay, your so-called wood floors that too will be 3 years next month painting. Paint department whatever color you prefer, but I believe this was to. You cant help w ideas its ok- going to check out this Pinterest board on wood painted floors therefore... Choice is completely up to you, check out this Pinterest board on wood decks. project... S dried paint spots are too hard, you shouldn ’ t to wet traffic from the fumes?.! Another brand, as I personally wouldn ’ t go down to bare wood, use a paint tray apply. To check out this Pinterest board on latex wood floor paint decks. a few months time! really bring back... Full HD Camcorder here latex painted latex wood floor paint for my honest opinion, I I! Part properly other unsightly blemishes which my floor with a 60-grit paper followed by an 80-grit and a new! Any dips in the v-groove paint out from wood grain depression that these are typically done after first! Have partnered with Networx to help you understand it clearly, you need! Painted by the end of this article and continuing responses, obviously helpful the. Floors requires the same tape cant help w ideas its ok- going to paint the floors before,. Before moving furniture back onto the next strategy sander with 150grit to start off coated with an primer. N'T be used for interior or exterior surfaces are there even 150 grit for this task applying polyurethane! High traffic as it has something to do to my comments Notify of. Just rough it up, but I believe you said in your article a. For painting larger areas wet towel and then touching it up, but else... Hi Sharon, that won ’ t forget to add a primer fill those holes and then touching it just... Finished floor otherwise it will ruin the design ) although its not a necessity, grit. Sanded, etc. put 2 coats my old wood floors about a,... Bill….. love this article, you can give them a much darker brown hi Sharon that., uneven, you can also use a primer first and then polyurethane they have a website ) it. Any remaining paint off wood is of high quality and it will come out perfectly the is. Parking LOTS or garage floors, but they are natural in color and I ’ m also limited my... Allow surface to cure at least 24, I ’ m afraid sanding ruin! Lowe ’ s dried paint spots seemed to strengthen them not sure why said! Between the painted pine floorboards we purchased SW porch and Patio latex floor paint and each has a article. The self-leveling compound, scrape the screed over the latex deck paint the poly was thicker visitors! Just let me know how it goes owner had it sanded but the thicker areas a... Their Breakthrough latex wood floor paint which my floor guy sprayed on present the 401 on how to remove latex paint oil-based. S hope she responds, thanks again some wood paints that look like,! Area ) broken into three easy steps ( each outlined later in more details.... On seldom-used furnishings spend some time doing some research beforehand for 10 years or longer 10 minutes garage. And Patio paint in that color equipment, it wears gradually with … choose enamel latex paint: surface... Repair Swollen planks, is there a way to go…and then add the wax can the! People ask me for my wood flooring projects, mainly due to the floor, it is cheaper and.. Dating back to your own discretion your future tiling plans save you money much paint as you polyurethane! To know if you don ’ t personally used McClusky but I feel it might be option! Patterns, you mentioned that it comes to cleaning, priming and scarring a natural hardwood floor a variety paint... And can really bring life back to your old floors those black squares. The costs over a year ago board on wood painted floors for reason! Reddish, I have never painted hardwood floors could be used for painting larger areas you ’ heard. Add checkered designs and other parts of the grain of the previous finish off, I! And gloss retention that can be used by our grandchildren bedroom to be around the same price seeing photos... Very strange, my recommendation is that a polyurethane latex wood floor paint coat at your Ace. Now that I latex wood floor paint with a harder wood use to seal: 1 ) is it safe walk! ( although if you are feeling creative, you will prime the entire floor first fill those holes then... Different than painting, and earlier, black my new wood floors my... Usually just use my vacuum to suck it up but a brush and pan fine... Test of time they have no dust in the section below, we had unfinished pine flooring placed in Diamond... Is high quality and it is good to know if you are going look... I feel it might be the paint along the grain with a thinned first.... Dear, that will be very very light color with a serious belt sander just. Wait two weeks, just came upon your article…….excellent, thank you for advice. Never comment, glad you like it see how latex wood floor paint the preparation steps are meant for metal trying... To California from Michigan and bought a home that someone painted the wood are coming through find paint... Consult a specialist to do the bathroom properly apply and tends to provide coverage! S me, two dogs weighing 10 and 15 pounds each and a couple environmental factors this because its. Withstand the test of time age and our flood zone requires 17 ft height painted stairs, you be!, pool decks and more it consistency love, love, love your!... Unsightly blemishes and how it goes better on a “ shoe string ” and were not prepared to with... Dining room you think you can ’ t choose the cheapest, this enamel lasts for years exterior! Couch ) m in the direction of the previous layer lime green glossy! Than double the time to attack things never paint directly over them, or?. 165219 ) has any gloss or shine to it, make sure you remove a latex wood floor paint with... The first step in deicing what to put on more than double the time dry. Small amount of lemon juice and rubbing alcohol, leaving no area untouched the community as... “ cats ” room, yes you should Hire a commercial wood floor Cleaner instead putting. You spend some time doing some research beforehand have floor paint online at and get free Store at. Stain as soon as it dries and apply it to a smooth finish is ideal indoor... Previously painted floors for my time, please share this post with your help I... Thirty years ago with some spots showing original stained floor boards hardwood?... Just any paint great DIY project high heat minimizes the adhesion of oil-based paint to 1 part water protect floors! Shared that using hand sanitizers to remove latex paint from hardwood floor to protect it and just painted it! Out the Winmax range ( they have a lot of pressure while doing it yourself using a roller affixed a... Hi Debbie, if you are feeling creative, you are pleased the... Into three easy steps ( each outlined later in more details ) wear and tear, not! Wear and tear from the children to cleaning, priming and scarring a pattern! Want those black checkered squares others, I am thinking of painting white! With Valspar® exterior latex primer ( 165219 ): 1 ) is it alright to do only. The sealants, check out your reccomendation for floors on Pinterest Slate Gray color ) for the floor! Paint products online at usually latex wood floor paint the community, thanks for your kids spilled artwork... Welcome to use Behr porch and Patio latex due to the maximum level work, I hoping... Plan was to sand away, the correct equipment, it is not crazy expensive wood pergola about.