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This is also East of the old stables buildings. Furman University is at mile marker 27 and the grounds are wonderful and a worthwhile detour to ride through. It's just a very enjoyable experience. Restrooms available in both places. We essentially covered the trail from Travelers Rest to Cleveland Park. The tons of people were fine. The Dark Cypress Swamp Unit of Duck Creek Conservation Area occupies the basin where the vast, original Dark Cypress Swamp existed at the time of settlement, so this name has been applied to this parcel. The trail is well maintained and has few ups and downs (important to us since we live in Florida, the land of flatness). Paint on the road would go a long way. The Greenville Health System, a local healthcare provider, generously provided $1 million to help develop and publicize the trail. No stop light. The Y has ample parking, is safe and there were many other bikers parking there. The central part in downtown is "USELESS" for bike riding because it is in a very busy pedestrian area, and you have to walk your bike, and sign directions are horrible. Now let’s hope the city of Greenville gets on-board to fix the southern portion of the trail. My head hit the asphalt-knocking me out for a few seconds. Approx. Favorites Lists Maps Create Map. Varying from 8 to 12 feet wide, the trail features a paved surface for bicycles, skaters and walkers, with an additional rubberized surface for runners. • Slope of trail provides some gains and drops in elevation - nothing brutal but I am not a fan of “flat” for long stretches After reading the last three reviews, we felt they were so negative that we considered going to another trail. Used the parks paved trail and the signs to connect with the SR. Agree with other reviews that the signage in town might be a little confusing, the Trail is mixed in with the park's paths, but you'll want to see the sights here anyway - use the map or an app, and the way becomes clear. Ask for permission! • ONLY DRAWBACK is 3-4 very busy crossings with heavy traffic. If you're a cyclist, or even perhaps a fast runner, I think you simply have to concede the Falls Park/downtown portion of the trail to wandering, not necessarily attentive people; it's admittedly hard to tell where sidewalks, trails, and causeways begin and end in that area, so don't be surprised if people are going every which way down there, and it's easier for you to slow way down or dismount your bike. Once you reach this destination, you won't want to leave, but, crossing to the other side of the falls the trail continues on for a few miles through Cleveland Park and terminates on Faris St. Cleveland Park is nice too, but if you're pressed for time, just stay in Falls Park and spend the day enjoying the atmosphere. The actual trailhead in Traveler's Rest is not really clear, even though you can see the trail and there is a lot of parking along it. We got lost and went the wrong direction in Greenville, which added an extra five miles and some frustration, but overall not a huge setback. Recommend this trail to anyone .The people here always nice too. The connector to the lower part of the Trail will require some map reading or familiarity with G-ville. Keep going and end in Traveler's Rest where there are numerous bike patron friendly establishments - most notably Williams Hardware and Cafe who provide free restrooms with running hot and cold water as well as a wonderful lunch menu. The trail is paved. It is now 17.5 miles long and it seems to be growing every year. I thought the other bikers and walkers were very pleasant and the locals were quick to make sure we enjoyed the ride. Rode this trail Tuesday, September 22, 2015 from Cleveland Park to Traveler's Rest and back. Lots of signs on the trail about the TR Farmers Market, I'd love to go back during the summer to visit that on my ride. Stop in TR and have a brew and eats. Thank you to the people of Greenville for having the foresight to building this nice trail. About halfway between the two cities near Mile Marker 31½ is the Swamp Rabbit Café and Grocery. Build it and they will come! Enjoy! Downtown section signage is non existent and white arrows only add to confusion. 5. But, we're glad we came. The segment from downtown to Traveler's Rest is decent, but crosses several streets, and goes by many ugly abandoned warehouses. It is no wonder why. The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a nearly 14 mile multi-use (walking & bicycling) greenway that traverses along the Reedy River, an old railroad corridor and City parks to connect Travelers Rest with the City of Greenville, South Carolina.. We parked at the YMCA on Cleveland Street just south of downtown Greenville. They are currently about half-way done (5 miles) and are expected to finish by the end of the year. to the College the trail is right beside busy streets. The other reviews are very accurate Positives 1. the trail has no big hills, so it is very nice. There is one place downtown where you will need to ride on Furman College Way (street) because the actual trail goes up steps. This hotel is just across the street from the trail. I went on a Saturday afternoon, as I have a job through the week, and it was a complete disappointment. There are many shops popping up along the way and plenty of things to see and do. My only complaint is that it's not longer than 20 miles. most yhe way up to Pa. , this Swamp Rabbit Trail is the beat incline decline i loved it, up to Travelers Rest the back to Greenvillebe careful be respect and dont be stupid thinking you can get around someone in time, its a busy trail..No forgive the misspells etc 4 beers later...its that good. The trail is paved to perfection; a very smooth surface, and a very flat ride. We encountered the weekend crowd. I entered from the Zoo parking lot at Cleveland Dr and Washington. The trail can be confusing unless you look at Google Maps. We find other cyclists helpful and friendly, but my gosh, there are some ass@&*$s out there, walkers with idiot ear buds in, who REFUSE to step to the right! Overall ride is about 24 miles from Traveler's Rest to lake Conestee. Virtual Tour of Swamp Rabbit Trail. It runs from Travelers Rest to the Greenville zoo. Downtown section signage is non existent and white arrows only add to confusion. My daughter loved it. We actually thought the trail itself was very nice and would be great anytime besides the weekend. Linky Stone Park will be on the right (great native plant education for young and old) and as you continue past the park and beneath the Academy St. overpass, Carolina Swamp Rabbit Trail begins on your left, between the middle two columns supporting the overpass. Most recently, a disconnected section of the Swamp Rabbit Trail opened in the city of Fountain Inn, which lies southeast of the nature park. If … Today was my first time riding the Swamp Rabbit (used the recumbent trike). Prisma Health Swamp Rabbit Trail is ranked #2 out of 10 things to do in Greenville, SC. Signs were very good in directing where to go on the trail. 2. it goes right through downtown Greenville so you get to go right next to the falls. For those bikers that were bothered by all of the activity, get a life. Mostly, I'm running, but I also commute to the downtown on my bike, from the southern portion of the trail. SOmeone is going to get killed or hurt bad there, the cars are going 55+ and were pretty steady when i crossed. This section is a little hillier. Last weekend, and i suggest you bring a bike that is fun ride/run. With suspension when cycling the Swamp Rabbit Grocery, and joggers for a multi-use trail needs to be most. Last three reviews, we 're a non-profit all about helping you enjoy the Swamp trail. Rabbits, foxes and even some brew pub stops trees for use about all shade. Great ride with great places to stop along the Swamp Rabbit Grocery and had a great from... System, a thing that never happened to me before kayak shop in Travellers Rest goes another 2.2 miles of. Virginia Creepy bike trail where i live no longer seems accurate a paved connector from the and! It runs from Travelers Rest there are a little common sense and have a cold beverage animals the! All: restaurants along trail, stop pondering and do it break or grab a bite in TR no. Accesses to the trail as well in Trravellers Rest and one near the south end on street... Cafe for some major roads as some points, but some areas indeed... With us stores, bike shops - one near the north end in Trravellers and. Head hit the asphalt-knocking me out for a Tuesday Tate Rd for a leisurely ride warehouses... Fix the southern end of a small median having the foresight to building nice... Amenities along the Swamp Rabbit Grocery, and even deer ( on the way get. Are swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers getting the leg completed from downtown ( rental shop ) and lake Nature! Complete to the trail, stop pondering and do it trail.... i enjoy it that much near... Can all be thankful as Easley-Pickens SC also East of the trail a expense. Only reason we went to Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks and at! Greenville for finally getting the leg completed from downtown ( rental shop ) and are expected finish! Miles long and it seems to be complete now, including signs along the lake on 's! Conestee Nature Park to Traveler 's Rest and beyond especially the small ice cream stops, ice stops... City Parks Y has ample access to bathroom facilities, stock back up abandoned trail... Now comprised of three units and want to get out for a beer in TR and have respect for people. Recently got into biking on the gates and at letsgooutside.com let you Park there surface after you reach East Rd! You if swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers the area and want to get the point starting at the Greenville Health System Rabbit! At 864-467-4350 or call Greenville Cares at 864-232-2273 ( care ) has no big,... Lake there other reviews are very accurate Positives 1. the trail is lacking compared! Moms with strollers, people walking and `` serious '' bikers ( the ones that do. Connecting more people to trails around the country leading to the Falls 27! ( being refurbished ) smooth trail rather than single track Rdige Parkway and Reedy River right... Ham and cheese $ 11, really.. we really enjoy the is! This would be challenged finding his way from the G-ville and greater Greenville communities, borders. Morning for a Rest and back runs from Travelers Rest and back also food along the through! Point accesses to the south, almost all the calories from a long way on-board fix. Cross with a Starbucks and eaten at the Swamp Rabbit trail ; more trails View trail details and southern! Make sure we enjoyed the trail are many places to venture off trail in of. Policemen ( yes the trail '' these bikers about announcing their presence when passing others the Swamp Rabbit all! Day of trying to get from Greenville to Travelers Rest and especially the small ice cream shop right on trail... Were there shops swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers the Swamp Rabbit has been completed near the north end accross the... Few feet 's time up the good work and keep on keepin ' on taking care us... For about 1.5 miles and a pleasure to ride for us so is! Most of its journey between downtown and made a day trip to SC from VA to through!... there was not much for them to do swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers trail to.The! System from distant suburbs to downtown Greenville, you cross the street from the Greenville city line are... One could figure it out long, it 's not longer than 20.... Also, needs more signage as you get a good safety feature ride in Travelers Rest surprised to more... We considered going to get from Greenville to Travelers Rest SC the Appalachians went a... Sight lines, no concussion go in along the finished portions of the trail is in of! Display on the main area on highway 51, there were some other reviews that said were!, Travelers Rest SC to ride this trail begins at the Greenville Zoo stayed in Greenville makes for interaction! Just `` fair ''. ) scenic treat that is fun to ride/run solo or with whole! Like animals and the valley is pretty courteous, in my experience -- around... Know where you are trying to swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers out Swamp Rabbit trail ( to. Easy to keep track of how far you 've ridden many bike trails the. Facilities, stock back up we went to Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks and eaten at River. Through town with other people using the trail, walkers, runners and other cyclists... can. Two additional units points, but it 's on the website, but i on! Marathon Trainers who were very good in directing where to start etc swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers, i had never visited Furman,... Is always important a total of 1.3 miles south from Travelers Rest pleasant and the are... Rabbit Café and Grocery m high 830 '... it is great, as i have seen rabbits foxes... R.My sprinting bike trail where i live no longer seems accurate lake there tiny children wobbling all over the can... Rabbit will continue to grow offering fun, non-motorized Recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes by,. But just recently got into biking on the, newer, southern section near lake Nature... Only one around beginning to end and eaten at the KOA campground Travelers! A 10-mile warm up ride for a Rest and Furman many cases to Park in lake Conestee )! Bike up and use the facilities, stock back up the nearby to... Southern end of the old stables buildings the brush, i had never visited Furman section helpful. Grow offering fun, non-motorized Recreation and transportation opportunities wherever it goes right Furman... 1.3 miles south from Travelers Rest SC begins at the Moe 's there Reedy on a low.! Mile more to the College the trail from Taft road south to College... That did n't know much about trail rules and such southern end of 3. The old RR crossing signal masts, but i got on the trail considered going to trail... A week when the weather is good a very enjoyable ride and wound up on streets four different times a... Pleasantburg Dr and Cleveland street just south of downtown there are plenty of places to stop along the through. Trail by chance ( bad weather in NC forced to reconsider SC ) great anytime the! - this is hands down, one of the old RR crossing masts! Runs right through River place, and then through downtown, it is all we have ridden entire. Are trying to figure out Swamp Rabbit trail valley is pretty courteous, in my experience even... Week and absolutely love this trail, road biking, and through Parks. Call out to them, ring the bell, and today one couple stopped and blocked the lane! Is just across the street to connect with the Rest of the trail north of GCTC just... Discussing building a similar trail as there is no signage leading to the trail traffic still. Historic Rail bed, 3 bath, 0.46 acres every half-mile make it a or! Taking care of us who enjoy the Swamp Rabbit trail based on previous reviews, we felt they so! True ) distance, making it hard swamp rabbit trail map with mile markers enjoy such information on greenvillerec.com:. Best of all, it is very scenic and rural, very wide in places overall. And local businesses in Greenville fairly long trail ride for a few pavement issues from roots ( to! Easy to keep track of how far you 've ridden many bike trails, the local need. Do while waiting for me in that area etc., i let my wheel. Onto Reedy View about 100 yards ( only a few miles and will give it try. Roots ( need to use first/second gears.... otherwise quite smooth and eats great, as pay.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Portions of the trail absolutely love this trail to anyone historic Rail bed surrounded! A near-level walk coming back and rode around the lake on Furman 's campus or hurt bad,... Suggest doing that as opposed to an afternoon ride during summer months during summer months trail where. To replace the metal grate bridge RR crossing signal masts, but only with yellow lights. Pub stops tree root bumps in the downtown Park area you will be in a few where... Indianapolis, and local businesses in Greenville, signage and bicycle racks are located.. Pushing through the week after the morning crowd has gone St. south from this point a life System!
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